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2 Oct 2016

Preparing your child for their first year and first day…


This is not as easy as one thinks. Even when a parent makes the effort to prepare the child, it is usually through associating the experience with a  positive expectation, for example:
1-”Don’t worry you will have fun at school”
2-”You will learn something nice”
3- “Your teacher will love you”
4-  “You will play with your friends”
But the reality is we rarely ask ourselves how much the child knows about these things.  if we did, we would realize that his understanding of basic ideas and life in general  is very different from ours. Does he know what school is? Does he know the meaning of teacher? Friends? Learning? All these concepts mean different things to a child and depend on the environment  and lessons the child had been exposed to up to that point.
For example:
Many children are inherently shy or uncomfortable in  new places or situations  and  others  may not want to go to school because  they are afraid of strangers. Many children  been brought up to fear strangers because  parents correctly tell their children things such as “do not take candy from a stranger”, “don’t get into a car with a stranger”, etc.  Of course children at such a young age cannot differentiate between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stranger, and it is something  a parent must address well before sending the child to school.
Some children on the other hand  like being around adults because they care accustomed to being  spoiled by adults  and getting  things their way. Others  avoid other children because they usually end up fighting over the possession of a  toy or  game.